I confess I was so annoyed/distressed/broken down by the series in Australia I could not bring myself to write a word about cricket. The feeling still lingers. Is the game real? Can any side have disintergrated as England did; 12 defeats in 13 games is a catastrophe, isn't it. The selectors, the admin men, the players and the whole English cricket village seems to be shrugging it off and they have a quiet start to the season against Sri Lanka to get their heads round the problems. I also await with uncontrolled interest the reasons for the sacking of Kevin Pietersen. It takes a brave man to react to disaster by getting rid of his brightest star. Read on, anyway; I will try to explain everything in my usual cool, detached manner.

Cook must go

Posted at 16:25 on Tuesday 16th December 2014

 It cannot be obvious to the England selectors but it is as clear as the duck pond across the road from my house . . .  England cannot go into the World Cup with Alastair Cook as their captain.


KP and all that

Posted at 16:02 on Wednesday 8th October 2014

So, have we learnt anything new in the two days of blood letting that has followed the publication of the Testament According to KP? Not really.



Posted at 10:19 on Sunday 17th August 2014

England v India at the Oval Fifth and final Test SUMMARY: It was not so much the all out 92 in 29.2 overs or the defeat by a mind-boggling innings and 244 runs but the manner of it. ...


Cool it Joe

Posted at 10:54 on Saturday 16th August 2014

England v India at the Oval Fifth and final Test SUMMARY: Joe Cool, Joe Root until now, showed just what he is in the last three hours of the day. He batted with complete control but...


Broad plan

Posted at 10:06 on Friday 15th August 2014

England v India at the Oval SUMMARY: On this day the spirit of Indian cricket died. Fifth and final Test Before a ball was bowled . . . So Stuar...



Posted at 11:51 on Saturday 9th August 2014

England v India at Old Trafford Third day of fourth Test of five 1-1 SUMMARY: I have been watching this game for 67 years; I played it for 20 and I have a perfectly workable IQ but w...


Rain drain

Posted at 11:13 on Friday 8th August 2014

England v India at Old Trafford Second day fourth Test of five series at 1-1 SUMMARY: At last England's supporters and the men who run cricket and comment on it are beginning to unde...


Lets bet wet

Posted at 09:07 on Thursday 7th August 2014

England v India at Old Trafford First day fourth Test of five (1-1) SUMMARY: The rains begin tomorrow - heavy showers is the formal description - with further rain on Sunday. England...


Burnley blues

Posted at 13:57 on Wednesday 6th August 2014

So Jimmy Anderson will be able to play for England in the fourth Test at Old Trafford - his home ground - tomorrow after being found not guilty of an assault on Ravi Jadeja at Trent Bridge. Everyone, at least in the England camp, is really plea...


A puzzle

Posted at 09:28 on Saturday 2nd August 2014

I have had a strange feeling about the Jimmy Anderson from the start. I could not find much in the way of evidence but there was an increasing certainty that he was going to be banned for up to four matches.


Fight - er, no

Posted at 09:33 on Thursday 31st July 2014

England v India at Ageas Bowl Fifth day third Test India lead 1-0 SUMMARY: England have had a lot of bad luck in the last three Test series but in this game everything has gone their...


Bowlers needed

Posted at 08:13 on Wednesday 30th July 2014

England v India at Ageas Bowl Fourth day third Test of five SUMMARY: Where did Cook get all that self confidence? Throughout this Test he appears to have been a changed man, sure of ...