I was thinking of abandoning the old website and giving myself over to something worthwhile, like doing the washing up, stroking the cat or eating another round of toast. But, hey, saved by those who intended to hurt one. I received an email from the Hindu which said "End of the road, Corbett; no more columns from you." Well, I was not too offended and the writer was Nirmal Shekar an old friend so I pretended not to mind, what with planning my 80th birthday party with all the offspring in attendance and enjoying the feeling of freedom a couple more days a month and not really needing the money. So instead I will be writing here. Spread the word, people; Corbett is back and writing and enjoying it.

Watch it, lads

Posted at 16:41 on Thursday 14th May 2015

As widely predicted, Adam Lyth and Mark Wood are included in the squad from which the England team to play New Zealand in the first Test at Lord's will be chosen next Thursday. It will be good to see how Yorkshire's Lyth faces down the consider...


KP: The truth

Posted at 11:19 on Tuesday 12th May 2015

Look, I don't care what the facts are behind the ECB decision - or is it simply Andrew Strauss's decision? - to leave Kevin Pietersen out of the England team forever and a day.


No Moores

Posted at 15:13 on Saturday 9th May 2015

 . . . No sooner the word than the deed! Just 35 minutes after the email from the England and Wales Cricket Board announcing the appointment of Andrew Strauss as directo...


Director Strauss

Posted at 14:31 on Saturday 9th May 2015

 Andrew Strauss was today named as one of the most powerful men in English cricket when he was appointed Director England cricket. He steps into the role from which Paul...


Mystery in the Caribbean

Posted at 11:09 on Tuesday 5th May 2015

I have tried to make sense of the happenings in Barbados recently but without success. I did not agree with the changes made by either side and as West Indies won I will deal...


Benaud my hero

Posted at 12:19 on Friday 10th April 2015

Richie Benaud, journalist, cricketer, captain, commentator, free thinker, has gone. I am not alone in realising I miss him but I don't have many heroes - a reporter sees their clay feet sooner than anyone else - and I made an exception,...


Unique double

Posted at 15:29 on Saturday 28th March 2015

Sorry, I know it has been a while but when you get old things crop up. Mostly I have been waiting for news of an operation to cure - lay...


Caribbean experiments

Posted at 17:08 on Wednesday 18th March 2015

Funny, isn't it. Once upon a time, not too long ago, West Indies so dominated cricket that England confronted them with the toughest of the tough. Now they are sending an experimental team, filled with inexperienced players, in the hope...


KP and Clarkson

Posted at 09:58 on Thursday 12th March 2015

It has taken me three days to realise the similarity between the KP row and the current storm over the Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. (I guess the basics of this story will have gone round the world and that I don't have to explain Clarkso...


Farewell England

Posted at 11:59 on Monday 9th March 2015

 Never mind the joy of the Bangladeshi cricket community, think of the celebrations there will be among the Afghanistan players in Australia and their supporters all the way from the Khyber Pass to Iran this evening!



Posted at 05:58 on Sunday 1st March 2015

I know it is not a practical idea - but can't the ECB just bring their World Cup side  home. They're embarrassing! If you make 309 the least you can expect is that it wi...


What the devil!

Posted at 11:08 on Saturday 14th February 2015

Ok, so we all knew they were not going to win the tournament, beat Australia and certainly not score anything like 343 - but to lose by 111, their devil number just capped the whole match. Most of the players must be in tears not to mention dee...