I confess I was so annoyed/distressed/broken down by the series in Australia I could not bring myself to write a word about cricket. The feeling still lingers. Is the game real? Can any side have disintergrated as England did; 12 defeats in 13 games is a catastrophe, isn't it. The selectors, the admin men, the players and the whole English cricket village seems to be shrugging it off and they have a quiet start to the season against Sri Lanka to get their heads round the problems. I also await with uncontrolled interest the reasons for the sacking of Kevin Pietersen. It takes a brave man to react to disaster by getting rid of his brightest star. Read on, anyway; I will try to explain everything in my usual cool, detached manner.

Batsman's day

Posted at 10:09 on Tuesday 29th July 2014

England v India at the Ageas Bowl Third day of third Test of five SUMMARY: I cannot understand England's desire to get rid of anyone who showed a minute sign of weakness. Bresnan, Plunke...


Future in Ballance

Posted at 09:46 on Monday 28th July 2014

England v India at Ageas Bowl Second day third Test of five India lead 1-0 SUMMARY: It was nice to have a surname starting with B at the Aneas Bowl today when the running was easy on...


Cook's debt

Posted at 10:20 on Sunday 27th July 2014

England v India at the Ageas Bowl First day third Test SUMMARY: The day England turned the corner, played up to their potential, looked like the team of two years ago. It was a strug...


Please leave stage right

Posted at 18:47 on Tuesday 22nd July 2014

You might have thought England would act with vigour and purpose after losing the Lord's Test. Yes, of course they did. The selectors sent home Simon Kerrigan, the slow left arm bowler who has been practising during the lunch break but neve...


The last tap . . .

Posted at 11:22 on Monday 21st July 2014

England v India at Lord's Fifth and final day of the second Test SUMMARY: Cricket moves in ways as mysterious as the Civil Service. As I wrote Alastair Cook's future will be debated ...



Posted at 10:28 on Sunday 20th July 2014

England v India at Lord's  Fourth day of second Test of five SUMMARY: Only an Act of God or a damn great thunderstorm can save England for all the deter...


Matt the bat?

Posted at 10:53 on Saturday 19th July 2014

England v India at Lord's Third day second Test of five in six weeks  SUMMARY: In the time it took to bowl half a dozen balls, the game slipped from India's grip late in the afterno...


Behind the scenes

Posted at 09:58 on Friday 18th July 2014

England v India at Lord's Second day second Test  SUMMARY: Can do better? That is what the teachers used to write but I am not so sure. This may be Engl...


Bore draw?

Posted at 09:22 on Thursday 17th July 2014

England v India at Lord's First day second Test SUMMARY: Ask yourself "Does Cook know what he is doing" and you will find the answer in the following simple statement of fa...


Strange people

Posted at 11:53 on Wednesday 16th July 2014

Fast bowlers are strange people and you should not be surprised just how they are going to react to any given situation. That was my first thought when I read about the suppo...


A draw

Posted at 10:52 on Sunday 13th July 2014

England v India at Trent Bridge Fifth and final day of the first Test of five SUMMARY: This wearying match has gone so well the two teams will be allowed to repeat their efforts at Lord'...



Posted at 08:16 on Saturday 12th July 2014

England v India at Trent Bridge Fourth day first Test of five in 42 days SUMMARY: The first session of this day's play was one of the most remarkable since 1877. Jimmy Anderson showe...